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  • About Frisco | Frisco Alumni Kappas

    About Frisco Frisco, TX is a rapidly growing suburban community north of Dallas, TX situated in Collin and Denton counties. The Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington (DFWA) metropolitan area (4th largest in the country) has some of the most rapidly growing counties in the state and the nation. With the rapid growth of Frisco and nearby cities, the Frisco Alumni chapter was chartered to provide a fraternal home for the growing number of brothers living in the area and relocating to Frisco each year. The city of Frisco was selected #1 on the list “50 Best Places to Live in America" by Money magazine in 2018. Frisco is home to several professional sports franchises, including the headquarters of the Dallas Cowboys and The Ford Star Cowboys practice facility. The FC Dallas professional soccer team and the National Soccer Hall of Fame are home to Frisco, TX. Frisco Sports The Frisco Rough Riders Class AA Texas Rangers minor league baseball team and the Texas Legends basketball developmental minor league of the Dallas Mavericks also call Frisco home. Learn more For more information about the City of Frisco and the Greater Dallas-Forth Worth Area, visit the links below. City of Frisco Visit Frisco I want to leave my mark on society. Anfernee "Penny" Hardaway, Kappa Alpha Psi Discover kappa events Our Events Become An Active Member Reclamation

  • Our Story | Frisco Alumni Kappas

    Kappa Alpha Psi Of Frisco The Next Chapter To meet this rapid growth of Frisco, Texas and its surrounding cities, the Frisco Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi was chartered on March 12, 2022. With a record number of 98 members, we share a common goal of serving the communities where we live and work. Upon chartering, the Frisco Alumni chapter made a significant financial and mentoring time commitment to the Southwestern Province Education Leadership Foundation Mentor Up Program . The members of the Frisco Alumni chapter are committed to mentoring youth and providing economic support through our Guide Right initiatives. A local Guide Right Foundation has been created that will feature a S.T.E.M. Program, a leadership training program (Leadership Frisco ), Scholarship & Foundation economics, and Student Mentorship. We intend to share the positive ideals and beliefs of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Incorporated with our community. We are committed to being a valuable contributor and asset to our communities. We have every reason to feel that the brotherhood has been an inspiration to better scholarship and higher attainment… A.A. Keene, Kappa Alpha Psi Meet Frisco (TX) Alumni Leadership Chapter Members Become An Active Member Reclamation

  • History of Kappa Alpha Psi | Frisco Alumni Kappas

    Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, INC. Kappa Alpha Psi Founded Alpha Chapter 1913 2nd Grand Chapter Meeting 1911 in every field of human endeavor... Achievement Kappa Quick Links: • Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. • Southwestern Province of Kappa Alpha Psi, Inc. • Guide Right National Service Program Kappa Alpha Psi® Fraternity was a founded January 5, 1911, on the campus of Indiana University in Indianapolis, Indiana. The percentage of Blacks on campus was less than 1%. Blacks could go weeks without seeing one another on campus. Blacks were not allowed to reside in on-campus dormitories, were not afforded off-campus accommodations, and they were also denied the use of all other university facilities and were barred from participating in contact sports. Two young black men, Elder Watson Diggs, and Byron Kenneth Armstrong had previously attended Howard University. Their experiences at Howard gave rise to the chief motivating spirits which sowed of the seed for a fraternity at Indiana University and crystallized the idea of establishing an independent Greek-letter organization. Consequently, eight other men met with Diggs and Armstrong for the purpose of organizing such a fraternity. The charter members were Elder Watson Diggs, Byron K. Armstrong, John M. Lee, Henry T. Asher, Marcus P. Blakemore, Guy L. Grant, Paul W. Caine, George W. Edmonds, Ezra D. Alexander, and Edward G. Irvin. The Founders were God-fearing, and serious-minded young men who possessed the imagination, ambition, courage, and determination to defy custom in pursuit of a college education and careers. The ideals of the church were an important foundation of the Fraternity. One of the 5 Objectives of the Fraternity is: “To promote the spiritual, social, intellectual and moral welfare of members. ” Many aspects of the Fraternity’s rites are engrained in Christianity ideals and contain excerpts from the Bible. These men of vision decided the Fraternity would be more than another social organization. Reliance would be placed upon high Christian ideals and the purpose of ACHIEVEMENT . The Fraternity would seek to raise the sights of Black youths and stimulate them to accomplish higher than might otherwise be realized or even imagined. On January 5, 1911, the Fraternity then became known as Kappa Alpha Nu, possibly as a tribute to the Black students of 1903 (the Alpha Kappa Nu Greek Society) who preceded them at Indiana University. These men of vision decided Kappa Alpha Nu would be more than another social organization. It would be the only Greek-letter organization founded with the concept of achievement. Kappa Alpha Nu began uniting college men of culture, patriotism, and honor in a Bond of fraternity. Primarily, under the efforts and leadership of the calm, methodical, and philosophical Elder W. Diggs and the critical, and scholarly Byron K. Armstrong, the Kappa Alpha Nu Fraternity was founded. Since the beginning, every endeavor was directed toward establishing the Fraternity upon a strong foundation before embarking on plans of expansion. Careful consideration was given to ensure the organization established a firm foundation the first year before efforts to expand were attempted. ​ Kappa Alpha Psi®, now comprised of functioning Undergraduate and Alumni Chapters on major campuses and in cities throughout the country, is the crystallization of a dream. It is the beautiful realization of a vision shared commonly by the late Revered Founders that enabled them to sow the seed of a fraternal tree whose fruit is available to, and now enjoyed by college men everywhere, regardless of their color, religion, or national origin. ​ For more information, visit our Grand Chapter/IHQ website at . • National Kappa League • Contact our Frisco Chapter Our Founders Our Founders 1883 -1947 Founder Elder Watson Diggs, was quiet, polished, scholarly, a prolific writer and commonly referred to as ‘the Father of Kappa’. He was born in Hopkinsville, Christian County, Kentucky, on December 23, 1883, and was the eldest son of three children. ​ Diggs enrolled at Indiana University in the fall of 1910 and was the first African-American to graduate with an A.B. degree from Indiana University’s School of Education in 1916. He subsequently earned his Master’s degree of Education from Howard University in 1944. ​ Based on the hostile attitude and circumstances facing Blacks at Indiana University, Diggs decided to establish a fraternity on campus to give African-Americans support and sanctuary based on high Christian ideals and the purpose of achievement. Diggs assisted Byron & Irven Armstrong in designing the Coat of Arms, assumed responsibility for preparing the initiation ceremonial forms, completed the fraternity’s constitution and took a course in Greek heraldry and mythology to ensure the fraternity was rooted in authenticity. He was one of two Founders who pawned his watch to pay for the Fraternity’s incorporation fee. ​ Diggs wrote the lyrics to the Kappa Hymn. Additionally, he established the Kappa Alpha Nu Journal, the first periodical of any national Black college fraternity. He served as Grand Polemarch for the first six years of the fraternity’s existence... Elder Watson Diggs (Click to Scroll) Read Full Bio We are never going to close this gap unless there is a conscious commitment to do so. Robert L. Johnson, Kappa Alpha Psi Our Mission oUR Objectives To unite college men of culture, patriotism, and honor in a bond of Fraternity; ​ To encourage honorable achievement in every field of human endeavor; ​ To promote the spiritual, social, intellectual, and moral welfare of its members; ​ To assist the aims and purposes of colleges and universities; ​ To inspire service in the public's interest. oUR Motto "Achievement In Every Field Of Human Endeavor" History of Southwest Province Learn More History of Frisco (TX) Alumni Chapter Learn More Become An Active Member Reclamation

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  • MWCares Foundation and Partners Donate One Million Pounds of Food

    For the past four years, the MWCares Foundation has made the Thanksgiving Holiday a little brighter for more than 8,500 families in Dallas and Tarrant County by providing turkeys, chickens, and staples to enjoy the holiday without having to worry about not having enough to eat. The Foundation is headed by Mitchell Ward, CEO of MW Logistics and member of Frisco, (TX) Alumni Chapter (FAC). Accommodating an event of this magnitude requires an enormous amount of planning and coordination to make sure that the necessary food procurement and delivery, traffic coordination, volunteers, security, and other logistics come together seamlessly to ensure a stellar program for those families with a need. To that end, Ward, his wife Pamela, and his children work diligently along with their corporate partners to make sure an operation of this size runs smoothly year after year. This year, MWCares and its partners – American Airlines, Albertson’s, City of Arlington, Tarrant Area Foodbank, Cotton Bowl, AT&T Stadium, and the Big Good – donated one million pounds of food and facilities to area residents. A short video on this year’s event is available here: Since 2019, it has been the mission of the MWCares Foundation to give back to the community in a way that helps the largest number of people possible, says Ward who along with his wife Pamela are the founders of the MWCares Foundation. “I know what it is to not always have and I never want to forget where I came from.” Mitchell and Pamela both believe that giving back to the community is imperative to ensure that individuals have an opportunity to reach their full potential. MWCares is the philanthropic arm of MW Logistics, LLC. Their mission is to support and uplift our communities by providing resources that strengthen them. These resources include areas such as food insecurity, housing, education, health, and economic development. The work that the MWCares Foundation is doing in the DFW Metroplex comes at a much-needed time as food insecurity in the area is on the rise. Research from Feeding America indicates that the food insecurity rate is 11.9 percent in North Texas (The national rate is 10.4 percent). This means there are approximately 638,340 food-insecure people (including 218,970 children or 15.8 percent) in the North Texas Food Bank 13-county service area. Year after year, Mitchell Ward, his family, and partners make sure that families in the North Texas area are not part of this statistic. Through both words and deeds, it’s abundantly clear that MW truly cares. Cedric Robinson Reporter, Frisco Alumni Chapter

  • Frisco (TX) Alumni Chapter Provides $14k in Scholarships | Kappa League 2023

    Frisco (TX) Alumni Chapter Provides $14k in Scholarships During 2023 Kappa League Closeout and National Signing Day Ceremony The newly chartered Frisco (TX) Alumni Chapter awarded $2000 scholarships to each member of its first Kappa League graduating class of seven High School seniors during the inaugural Kappa League Close Out Ceremony and National Signing Day Event held Saturday, May 6, 2023, at the Baylor Scott & White Physical Therapy Center, 3800 Gaylord Parkway in Frisco Texas. The Kappa League event was the culmination of FAC’s commitment to service in the Frisco community and the goals and ideals of Kappa League’s mission to help young men grow, receive, and develop their leadership talents in every phase of human endeavor. FAC Kappas Provide $2k Scholarships for Graduating Seniors Each of the graduating seniors in the program received a scholarship to be used to further their education at the college/university of their choosing along with the commitment of the FAC for continued guidance and moral support as they navigate the waters of college/university life. FAC Polemarch, Brother Keith Maddox provided the following summation on the progress made thus far, “I would say that our first year was outstanding! Proverbs 22:6 states, “train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” The Frisco (TX) Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi, Incorporated, took this to heart by mentoring on average over 30 young men monthly. The young men were exposed [to] and interacted with men of varying professional skills and experience. More so, the young men were given the opportunity to engage and have in-depth discussions on topics and issues that were relevant to their lives today as well as what they may face as adult black men. The year culminated with the awarding of $2,000 scholarships to those Kappa Leaguers that were graduating high school. Photos of Kappa Leaguers and their Families Accepting Scholarships FAC Kappas Lend a Hand to Frisco Youth In addition to the graduating seniors, FAC also provided those students in the program that are not yet graduating with awards in the form of certificates as congratulations for their involvement in the program and sincere desire for their continued participation. Brother Aaron Pugh, Chairman of the FAC Kappa League Committee, is pleased with the progress so far and believes that the event will continue to evolve over time, “The 2022-2023 academic year concluded our inaugural year for our Kappa League Program. We had almost 50 students in total; of which, all seven high school seniors received scholarships. As a result, this provides motivation to continue serving and achieving success. I am humbled to have served as the 2022-2023 Kappa League Chairman for Frisco (TX) Alumni, and I look forward to serving this upcoming 2023-2024 academic and getting more engagement from the brothers and the community. We as a Chapter are truly blessed.” In all, there were more than 70 members of FAC, Kappa Leaguers, and their parents in attendance for the ceremony. Although off to an impressive start, Polemarch Keith Maddox is looking forward to even greater heights for the program moving forward, “Going forward, the Frisco (TX) Alumni Chapter plans to build on the first-year success of its Kappa League Program by expanding the opportunities offered, so that every field of Human Endeavor is made available to the young men participating in the program. In addition, Frisco (TX) Alumni Chapter plans to continue to work in the community to solicit and build support to generate recognition to make its Kappa League Program exemplary within Kappa and the North Texas region.” Cedric Robinson Reporter, Frisco Alumni Chapter

  • Featured Brother: William Ampofo II

    YEAR OF INITIATION: Spring 1999 CHAPTER OF INITIATION: Hartford (CT) Alumni PROVINCE OF INITIATION: Northeastern Province EDUCATION: Bachelor of Science, Finance | MBA, Finance & Corporate Strategy COLLEGE/UNIVERSITY: Adelphi University (B.S.) | The George Washington University School of Business (MBA) DEERFIELD, Ill. - 2023-06-29 Baxter International Inc. (NYSE:BAX), a global MedTech leader, today announced it has appointed William A. Ampofo II, chair, Supply Chain Operations Council and vice president, Parts & Distribution Services and Supply Chain, Boeing Global Services, to its board of directors. Mr. Ampofo will serve on Baxter's Quality, Compliance & Technology Committee. His appointment is effective today and brings the total number of directors serving the company to 11. "William's deep operational expertise, track record as a supply chain leader, and distinguished career driving transformation at multinational companies will enrich and further differentiate our current board membership," said José (Joe) E. Almeida, chairman, president and chief executive officer. “We are excited to welcome William to Baxter’s board and look forward to his many contributions." Mr. Ampofo has worked for the Boeing Company since 2016 and currently serves as the leader of the Parts & Distribution Services business and the Global Services Supply Chain function for Boeing Global Services. In this capacity, he leads all aspects of the supply chain function, including a division with operations in over 70 countries and more than 300 locations around the world. Prior to joining Boeing, Mr. Ampofo spent 22 years at United Technologies Corporation (UTC) working in roles of increasing responsibility related to finance, information technology, corporate strategy, and operations. Mr. Ampofo earned a bachelor's degree in finance from Adelphi University and a Master of Business Administration from George Washington University. He is a member of The Executive Leadership Council and currently serves on the board of directors for the General Aviation Manufacturers Association and the Dallas Regional Chamber as well as the board of trustees for Cheshire Academy in Cheshire, Connecticut. In addition, he is a past advisory board member for Howard University’s Center of Excellence in Supply Chain Management. Let's congratulate our Brother on his achievements and connect with him right here on LinkedIn.

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