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A New Chapter Begins...

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

Frisco (TX) Alumni Chapter Chartering Ceremony – March 12, 2022

The Frisco (TX) Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Incorporated held its chartering ceremony on March 12, 2022, at the Eventi Venue in Frisco, Texas. Frisco Alumni Polemarch Keith Maddox accepted the charter on behalf of the chapter’s 112 members.

News: The Frisco (TX) Alumni Chapter of the Kappa Alpha Fraternity Charting Ceremony. Frisco Kappa leaders
Pictured above, from front to back: Keith Maddox, Frisco (TX) Alumni Polemarch, Otis Spencer, Vice-Polemarch, Mark Williams, Keeper of Records, Arthur Ballard, Keeper of Exchequer, Reginald Wilson, Strategus, Kenneth Frank, Board of Directors, Larry Hughes, Board of Directors, Reggie Frazier, Board of Directors, Dean Jones, Board of Directors, and Rod Toney, Board of Directors. Not pictured, Lenis Evan, Board of Directors.

Brother Rhen C. Bass, Grand Keeper of Records & Exchequer, and William Puder, Southwest Province Polemarch were on hand to formally present and welcome the Frisco (TX) Alumni Chapter to Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Incorporated.

News: The Frisco (TX) Alumni Chapter of the Kappa Alpha Fraternity Charting Ceremony Reception
Pictured from left to right: William Puder, Southwestern Province Polemarch, Keith Maddox, Polemarch Frisco (TX) Alumni, and Rhen C. Bass, Grand Keeper of Records & Exchequer

Other attendees included representatives from the Grand Chapter, Southwestern Province, local chapters throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, and Brother Montel Jordan, recording artist/actor. A reception at the Event Venue immediately followed the Chartering Ceremony.

Below is a comprehensive list of dignitaries in attendance:

Grand Chapter:

  • Rhen C. Bass, Grand Keeper of Records & Exchequer

  • Kevin Burnett, National Guide Right Chairman

Southwestern Province:

  • William Puder, Southwestern Province Polemarch

  • Timothy F. Albert, 25th Southwestern Province Polemarch

  • Stanley Sims, Southwestern Province Keeper of Exchequer

  • Harold Trey Young, Southwestern Province Jr. Vice Polemarch

  • Keith Campbell, Executive Operating Assistant to Province Polemarch

  • Eric Walker, Chief of Staff to the Province Polemarch

  • Karey Barnett, North Texas Administrative Assistant

  • Kevin Wilson, Co-chair Province Life Membership

  • Greg Davis, Province Expansion, Southwestern Province

  • Cedric Hill, Texas-New Mexico Kappa Caucus Chair

Other Dignitaries:

  • Robert Duckworth, former Grand Junior Vice Polemarch

  • Montell Jordan, Entertainer

  • Harold Flowers, Delta Zeta 1956 (Central State University), Life Member Dallas Alumni

  • Emerson Lattimore, Elder Watson Diggs Awardee (2005), Polemarch Delta Sigma Chapter, Polemarch Dallas Alumni Chapter, & Polemarch Southwestern Province. Currently a 61-year member in the bond and a life member on all three levels (Local, Province, & Grand)

Written by Cedric Robinson
Reporter, Frisco (TX) Alumni Chapter


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